Event Policies and Rules

If today’s your day to make a proposal, have a wedding, birthday beach party, or even 

a corporate event, the VIP is the best place to have your memorable day
with our 4 Cabanas and Beach Beds. Your day will be perfect!

Our team will be happy to assist you with your set up and also run the service during your event.

Event request


We will send you an estimate sheet where you can create your own estimate.

The floor plan will be provided as well so that you can let us know how to help you before your arrival.

The Credit card form will confirm your event.

You can provide your own event planner. If you do not have one, we can give you our event planner’s contact information. Purest Hearts Wedding and Events

Food and drinks must be provided by the Beach Bar, and we can work with you on the estimate.


Event Confirmation

After receiving your estimate, floor plan, and credit card form, your event will be confirmed.

The payment will be taken 24 before your event no refundable if no show.


VIP Opening

Operation from 9am to 5pm (daytime hours)
Opening from 5pm -1am (night hours/12am for music)

Someone will be there to assist you with any request.

Security is provided upon request during events. Security is required for events including over 100 guests.

All sales are final.

No refunds. No re-gifting.


Bed and Cabana

Based on the floor plan, your Bed and Cabana will be set up upon your request.



Towels will be provided based on the estimate.


Not Permitted

NO coolers
NO food from outside
NO delivery from uber eats or any other company is allowed.
NO fireworks on the beach or for VIP
NO Guns or weapons
ETARU is the only one who can provide food and beverage on the Heed Beach. 


Lost and found.

Heed Beach is not responsible for your lost items, or any items left behind.

If the beach boys find any items, they will be placed away safely and will be saved for 1 month.


Set Ups

You can start your set up in the morning if you choose the day and time. Nothing can be set up the day before, and HEED Beach is not responsible for any damages or loss.
If you choose Night hours, the set up will be pre-determined.
Your entire set-up must be approved by us in accordance with city rules and security.
The volume of the music must be managed. *


Preserve the Beach Habitat

HEED Beach works very hard to be better and preserve the animal habitat, please avoid any balloons.  


Rules & Order by the City of Hallandale and Broward County

Security is required for the safety of surrounding people (extra Charge).
If you set up a generator, all cables must be protected and safe. 



The credit card will confirm your event.

The payment will be processed 24h before your event.

No refundable if no show



If our rules are not being followed, HEED Beach reserves the right to halt the event. Sales and charges for services are non-refundable.



The employees receive training to run the beach under any situation.
The employees are not responsible for the valuables you bring to the beach
They are not allowed to offer any of their personal items to the customer ( charger, phone… )
They cannot give or request any personal information ( phone number, address ,social media ….)
They cannot let any customer use anything we have on the workspace 
Our employees are here to provide beach services and are not to be insulted or disrespected by the customer in any situation.
If any Employee disrespects our customer, advise the management. After conducting a report and meeting, our employee will be sanctioned.


Weather Conditions


During any Hurricane alerts by the orders of the City of Hallandale Beach, we will be subject to suspend the Beach service prior to and after the alert in order to have enough time to remove the set up and to set up again. 

Lightning Alert

HEED Beach has metal chairs and umbrellas, the metal is a good conductor and can cause severe damage. During the alert and for your safety, everyone must leave the beach,
The service will be restarted after approval by the beach rescue. 

Wind and Gusts

We have to pay attention to gusts or tunnels. It is our discretion to set up the umbrella. Our staff is trained to pay attention to the possible dangers caused by the item, because it can be blown away.

High Tide

High tide on the beach can cause several issues.
Beach erosion is our principal concern at HEED Beach.
The length of the beach will be reduced and doesn’t allow us the possibility to organize or regularly set up. We have to respect the rules according to the laws by the City of Hallandale Beach.
We are sorry for the any inconvenience; the service may be interrupted for a few hours.

Rain Conditions

During the rain, the service will be temporarily stopped. Just like our customers, our staff is also important, and we must protect and allow them to work under good conditions.

The staff is trained to follow the radar conditions and may anticipate some change in weather conditions.